Capture, Layout & SPICE

AutoEngineer  Windows/NT/Linux
AutoTrax  Freeware from Protel
Autotrax EDA By Kovac Software Fully working schematic and PCB No limitations
Ariadne EDA-Systems
BPECS     PCB Circuit Design Package Demo.  Full version $29.95 
CAD126      Looks like a Professional Package,  Non Commercial Price $89.95
CADint    CADINT PCB Delivers Workstation Performance With The Economy of a PC.
CADSTAR    Affordable PCB design software??
Circad    Holophase Incorporated. Free Download
Circuit Creator    Advanced Microcomputer Systems Inc. Free Downloads
CircuitMaker 6
CircuitMaker2000    Student Version Download with Restrictions
CSiEDA Evaluation, libraries and patches
DanCad V3D2.5    Drawing & Drafting package
Designworks Professional     Easy To Use Electronic Circuit Schematic Drawing Tools
Designworks Lite 4     Schematic Capture - 30 Day Trial
Douglas Electronics
Dream Cad By Wave Corporation
Eaglesoft   Freeware Version Download with Restrictions
Easytrax     Protel Freeware Version 2.06 fully working PCB package for DOS
E-CAD   Limited demo version
EDwin   Download Demo Software
Expert PCB
Express PCB    Free Download
GElectronic   Low cost PCB layout and schematic software
GPL Electronic Design Automation
LAY01     From BAAS Electronics. Hobbyist Version Restricted
LogicWorks    Educational Version of Designworks Lite. 
Orcad Lite V9.2   Now owned by Cadence Student Download Available
McCAD    EDA Tools, Demo's,. Utilities
MUCS-PCB University of Manchester Department of Computer Science
Osmond PCB    For The MAC
PADS   MS-DOS / Computer Aided Design Program
P-CAD2002    Trial Version
PC Logic      Software for Printed Circuit Design Download Version 3.1 Demo
PCB123  Provides the complete solution. Design Through Order, Easy as 123
PCB    Free Software For Making Printed Circuit Board Layouts
PCB Designer V1.5.5   Low cost for the hobbyist
PCB Developer's Assistant Ver3.0 
PCB Elegance V2.5    Printed Circuit Board Design Tool
PCB Wizard V3    A cut-down version of PCB Wizard Professional
ProCAD PowerStation32 Lite
Protel PCB Design V1.5
Protel Advanced Schematic V1.0
Protel DXP    Fully working  30 day trial. CD or Download
Proteus VSM  Proteus Lite Shareware Version for Students & Hobbyist
Pulsonix  V2.0  Schematic Capture and PCB Layout Free working 32Bit Demo 
Qcad 22.0      A Complete Electronics Design Software Win 95/98/NT 
Orcad Capture V7
Quickroute Systems Ltd     Electronic Design Studio 3.2 - demo soon to be made available
Ranger XL    By Seetrax Ltd. Programs are run under maintenance Licence?
Score   Schematic Capture for Windows
Scooter-PCB   For Windows and Atari
smARTWORK    PCB Layout Software Demo
Sprint ABACOM Elektronik-Software Download Page
Tango PCB Plus V2.2 Dos
Target 3001 V9    PCB & ASIC CAD/CAE
TC1 Ver3.1
Tsien    BoardMaker3 Download Demo Available
Ultimate    UltiCap, Ultiboard, UltiRoute Downloads & Tutorials
Verybest PCB    Version 12 Demo
Visual V12 PCB  from DeMille Research. Demo available
Vutrax    Pronounced View Track - Demo Available
WinCircuit 2002   Cheap & Affordable. Check Out the Demo Versions
Winboard       Demo Available. Low End 
Windraft         Demo Available. Low End




5 Spice Analysis Software
Anasoft    Spice Analog Simulator with Schematic Capture - "Cheap, No Shit"
AMS Spice
Aplac    Object-Orientated Analog Circuit Simulator
B2Spice V4.2      Fully working version - 30 day trial
CIRSIM     Electronic Circuit Simulator Program
Electronic Workbench V5
ICAP/4Win    Analog & Mixed Signal Simulation Demo Software
Ivex Spice    No Demo Available. Low End
Ivex View     No Demo Available. Low End
Micro-Cap7     Evaluation Version
Multisim2001  Demo download     
Orcad Pspice R9.1
Pspice V9.1    Student version from Cadence
SpiceAge    Demo Download
SpiSpice Creator    AIM Spice Analog Circuit Simulator
TinaPro V6.0    Full Information & Demo Software Soon
TopSpiceWin/32      An affordable integrated computer-aided circuit design software package
VisualSpice    Electronic Circuit Design Studio, EDA tm
WinLap    Linear Simulator from Denmark. Demo Download Available
Newburytech    Spice Models




GC-Prevue    GraphiCode GcPrevue V10.3.2 and Tutorial Files
Gerber / Cam Viewers
Track Calculator    Calculate track width for current flow and track clearances 



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